9 fitness tips that are working for me

9 fitness tips that are working for me

Almost every year I have tried to come up with a better fitness plan that I’ll stick to…and every year its failed!

I’ve been trying to do a bit of reading up on it this time, with particular emphasis on accountability and staying motivated. I am only in week three but things seem to be going much better this time around (so far) so here are a few things are working for me.

  1. Don’t tell anyone at first
    I don’t mean don’t tell anyone in the whole world but I have found that talking about my plan to improve my fitness and health less has enable me to focus on it more. I am more certain than ever that I’m not doing this for anyone but myself.
  2. Have a plan
    My plan is to do some exercises (Kayla) to build up some strength and then slowly include more and more running. Although Kayla has an optional third session per week, I stick to 2 per week as it’s more manageable with my workload and I don’t want to set myself up for failure. If you’ve read my previous blog, “I would like to run without wanting to collapse in a heap”, you’ll know that running doesn’t come so naturally to me!
  3. Join a running club.
    I’ve joined the team vitality club, purely because it makes the most sense financially. Other clubs probably have a lot more of a vibe though and it’s an excellent place to meet future running buddies. Club runs are awesome and I am hoping to get into a few of these during the year. Of course there is also Parkrun to get you going on a Saturday morning – such a win!
  4. Keep record of what you’re doing
    Strava is an awesome app for keeping track of your training (if you have a fitness device) and I also like to have an excel spreadsheet where I can see what I’ve done. I’m a very visual person so seeing the minutes/kilometers add up is very motivational for me.
  5. Equipment helps
    There is the world of fitness equipment out there but I find a yoga mat, a big towel and 2 x 4kg dumbbells work for me.
  6. Gadgets are fun
    My Tomtom Spark fitness watch is a dream. I love all the functions and really enjoy exercising with it. BIG plus, the wireless earphone when I run on the treadmill.
  7. Comfy gear
    The right clothes and correctly fitted shoes make the world of difference. I can’t stress this enough.
  8. Accountability
    I am doing this for myself so it could make it pretty easy for me to give up. So far I am managing to stay accountable to myself but I find that having an accountaBuddy is also helpful.  A friend of mine is following the same Kayla program as I am and its cool to have someone to check in with…someone whose quads are so stiff that they also have difficulty lowering themselves onto the loo!
  9. Music helps
    The wireless headphones (mentioned above) are a huge help but any music in general helps with passing the time a little quicker. An upbeat song often makes me run faster…

Nothing I’ve mentioned is rockets science or a great fitness breakthrough. It’s simply what’s working for me at the moment!

If you have any tips and tricks, please pass them on in the comments 🙂

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