A Zomba affair

A Zomba affair

Zomba is the 22 carat emerald in Malawi’s collection of crown jewels. We didn’t spend nearly enough time in this green city but what we saw was beautiful.


The former capital city rests below the lush plateau and has been visited by Queen Victoria. She even has her very own view point on the plateau. (We were saddened to hear that she didn’t hike to the point like everyone does…she was driven up).


We only had a few hours in Zomba so we did a short, very easy hike to William falls. We hiked through plantations and forests and along a beautiful trickling river. We stopped for a freezing cold swim too which was perfect after some sweaty walking.


Our guide for the morning was the wonderful Isaac. Our backpackers, Pakachere, organised for him to take us. I didn’t really like seeing how much commission he had to pay over though, so my advise would be to rather book him directly if you plan on going to Zomba. He is an excellent guide and he gets the full fee if you book him directly and he really deserves it. Here is a link to his website.


Next time I hope to see much more of this bright green slice of paradise 🙂

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