The REAL Warm Heart of Malawi

The REAL Warm Heart of Malawi

Malawi is affectionately known as The Warm Heart Africa. The true warm heart of Malawi itself is most definitely it’s people.


I always felt safe among the people of Malawi. We went to local pubs, we walked through the streets of villages, I did a training run on my own and never felt under threat. Every receptionist, security guard, barman, waitress, shop keeper, cleaning lady, guide, porter etc treated us with absolute kindness.

I was reminded of the warm heart of Africa a month after leaving Malawi when friends started to receive the postcards I had sent them. I found these postcards at a fabulous backpackers called the Funky Cichlid at the beginning of my Malawi travels. I had every intention of posting them on my travels but I kept forgetting.

Just before boarding a flight to South Africa from Blantyre airport, I remembered that I hadn’t posted the postcards. I went into one of the duty free shops and asked a very kind shop keeper if I could give him money to post my postcards on his way home. He kindly accepted but I obviously had no way of knowing if he would ever post them.

My friends receiving their cards was simply the best reminder of the kindness and warmth of the people of Malawi. Faith in humanity restored!



** If you’re thinking of visiting Malawi – do it! The people are wonderful and the country is beautiful! If you’re wandering what on earth there is to do in the tiny country where Madonna got her baby, I highly recommend a visit to Cape Maclear and Mount Mulanje! **

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