Packing for Malawi

Packing for Malawi

Going to Malawi for the first time leads one to the very real “what do I even pack?” moment.

I had this very moment a couple of weeks ago and fortunately some research coupled with a bit of common sense got me through.

I won’t go as far as calling myself an expert but my packing worked out really well for the trip I did. Bear in mind that I traveled in September (a traditionally hot, dry month in Malawi) and that I spent time on the lake as well as in the mountains in the South of Malawi.

what to wear 2

Here is what worked for me:

1 x down jacket

1 x thin long pants

1 x good running shoes (I used these for jogging as well as hiking)

1 x havianas (flip flops)

1 x shorts (you might want to take more but I had 2 pairs made when I was there)

3 x tshirts or tank tops

Active wear (for hikes and jogs)


1 x sarong

2 x swimming costume (you’ll wear one everyday so its handy to have an extra one)

Socks and underwear (you can decide how many on your own)

Sun cream

1 x peak cap or sun hat

First aid kit (Bactroban, pain killers, Imodium, Valoid, band aids and aftersun)

Mosquito spray


US dollars (widely accepted and easier to change into Kwacha)

Hand washing powder (It’s warm so things dry pretty easily)

1 x underwater camera (the Samsung S8 is a winner for this!)

1 x day bag/backpack (there are some cool hikes and things you’ll want to do)


What you probably don’t need:

DSLR camera. I took one along with me and only used it on two occasions on my entire trip. I used my phone camera for everything else.

A hoody. I never used mine once. I used my down jacket on the one or two occasions when it was a bit cold.

High heels. There was no place for these anywhere I went to in Malawi.

Jeans. I never wore jeans at all. It was better to wear cooler clothing.

Jewelry. To each their own, but their is no need to try look too glam here.

Make up. As with jewelry above.



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