The Gautrain Hunger Games – Uber Wars

The Gautrain Hunger Games – Uber Wars

The Reaping

You arrive at the airport and you need to get away. Despite your best efforts, you can’t get an Uber to Sandton. The clock is ticking. You need to get to work.


The train trip to the Capitol 

You grab a seat on the Gautrain. It leaves the station and flies through Johannesburg on route to Sandton. You pass through the shacks on your way to the bright lights, moving through the districts…


The Capitol

You arrive in Sandton. The bright lights and happiness are short lived. You order an Uber but as you walk towards it, chaos ensues. The capitol guards, better known as metered taxi drivers, will have none of it. They will not give you your freedom. They will not let you in that Uber. They are fighting for their turf. If you ever want to leave the Gautrain station, you will have to fight your way out.


** May the odds be ever in your favour **

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