I try to draw

I try to draw

I have always considered myself to be creative, but not arty. Basically, I can come up with creative ideas but I could never draw very well.

Sleeping baby – before classes

In 2015 I decided to change that and went on a drawing course. The results were (in my own opinion) incredible! I am certainly not an amazing artist but I can finally do better than stick men and sgwiggles! I haven’t kept up the drawing as much as I would like to but it has given me the confidence to work on more creative projects. It turned me into a firm believer that ANYONE can learn to draw.


Natural talent is a huge help but its something I don’t consider myself to have much of. I had to practice and practice and practice some more. It was totally worth it!

Leopard’s mouth – practicing during art classes
The result of drawing lessons
The result of art classes

Unfortunately when I changed jobs I wasn’t able to continue with classes but I still try do a little myself.

Pen and watercolours

I haven’t taken any classes in pen or watercolours but I have enjoyed trying to figure them out. There are a lot of tutorials to look at on line and I used this one for the pineapples below.

Trying my own thing after classes

Charcoal attempts

My charcoal attempts are a pretty new thing and probably my most shaky. I was lucky enough to be given the most beautiful charcoal drawing set from a loved one. If I find any great tutorials I’ll let you know. Please let me know of any you’ve come across!

In the mean time I’m using the internet for inspiration and I’m making sure I have a lot of fun along the way.

If you’re thinking of taking art up – DO IT! I am almost certain that you will be a much better artist than you could ever imagine!

I’d really love to hear any drawing tips you may have. As is clearly evident from the pictures above, I’ve got a lot to learn!


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