I would like to run without wanting to collapse in a heap

I would like to run without wanting to collapse in a heap

The heading pretty much says it all. I am not a runner; but I sure try!

To be completely fair, I have completed one half marathon in my life. I ran the Soweto Half Marathon in November 2016 in JUST under 3 hours. There were, however, actual moments when I legitimately thought I was going to die.

Everyone tells me I am going to enjoy running soon and I should just keep going. I have not reached the enjoyment stage. I only know 3 stages of running:

Stage 1 – Starting

This isn’t so bad. I can do this. Don’t go out too hard or you’ll regret it. You’ve got this. Keep going. Not far to go.

Stage 2 – Giving up

Oh my word I can’t. I actually can’t. My lungs, my legs, my head, my body. I’m done. I can’t anymore. It’s walk time. I’ll eventually get there even if I just walk. Walking is good too. Running is a load of bull. I hate running. Who even came up with this pathetic idea of running when it’s not for your own protection. I hate this.

Stage 3 – You’re pathetic

Run you pathetic human! Okay fine, I’m running. I cannot believe how pathetic I allow myself to be. There is no giving up! That’s unacceptable. You did this to yourself. You can do this. Keep going. You’ve got this. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other. Breathe. Keep breathing. Keep breathing and keep running and it will all be done soon. You’ve got this. You’re strong. You are in control of your mind. Keep going.

**Repeat stages 2 and 3 until the race eventually ends.**

Who knows why I continue to sign up for races. Well actually, I know why. I sign up because it forces me to do some kind of training before hand. I don’t (so far) lose any weight from it and the only joy I get is the moment its finally over. I suppose I like the idea of it and I am trying to get my body and mind to the state required to make the idea a reality.

I love the idea of running in new cities. I would love to run in a new country! I would love to run through the wild African bush! But I would love to do this without wanting to keel over every 5 minutes.

So I must continue. I must improve.

The plan is do some squats and lunges too (or a Kayla Itsines routine) to try build up some strength and I am also looking into pilates classes. If this materialises I’m sure there will be a blog post about it 😉

Here are my running must haves:

  1. Good running shoes. (I run in New Balance – thanks to over an hour at The Sweat Shop trying on a million pairs with the assistance of a professional)
  2. Comfortable tights. My favourite is the Nike Dri-Fit range.
  3. My flipbelt. Amazing for storing your phone, house keys, energy bar, sachet of water etc.
  4. Tomtom Spark watch. There are loads of watches out there but this one has what I need: a built in heart rate monitor so I don’t need to wear a chest strap, music so I can run with wireless earphones, GPS, step tracker, calorie tracker and probably a couple of other things I can’t think of or don’t use enough.

I would love to hear of any amazing runs you’ve done that you think I should add to my running bucket list!

I wouldn’t say no to any of your best running tips either 😉

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