Bullet Journal Novice – really really new!

Bullet Journal Novice – really really new!

I have always been a lister. It’s almost as if I can’t function without lists. Grocery lists, to do lists, bucket lists. I even have a list of lists I still want to make! The hashtag #listersgottalist is not lost on me (it’s also quite a fun pastime to search the hashtag on instagram – people are creative out there!)

So just imagine my excitement when I discovered the world of bullet journals! Now, I am brand spanking new to this and have next to no idea what I’m doing. I just try to make things pretty and am heavily aided by Monsieur Google.

I don’t have the correct tools so to speak. I’m sure it would be much easier if I did. In particular, I would recommend getting the correct journal to start off with. The pages of mine are too thin which is quite a hack!

Finding inspiration for new lists could not be easier – PINTEREST. The amount of beautiful pages out there is completely overwhelming. Once you start you will soon find that day-to-day activities provide all kinds of inspiration. I recently went on a bush trip (African safari) and it made me want to create a list of all the beautiful animals we saw.

What I am really enjoying so far is the total lack of rules with never-ending lists of guidelines, should you wish to follow some (I find this site very helpful click here). So far I have worked with pens and colored pencils but I am really looking forward to adding more watercolors to the mix. I also want to get better at using washi tape.

My experiences so far.

  1. I don’t have an index in my current bullet journal but I intend to include one in my next.
  2. I thought habit trackers were lame but I am really enjoying having one. I didn’t put in the effort I would have liked to in my first one so I am going to put a little more thought and planning into my next one.
  3. Bucket lists are always fun!
  4. I like to have a ‘Goals for the year’ page. It’s a lot of fun to look back and see what you’ve achieved. I’ve been doing these for longer than I have been officially bullet journalling!
  5. Highlights from the year give some real perspective. I thought 2016 was the devil’s year but when I started writing down the highlights, I soon realised the year had also included some really great moments.
  6. Daily planners – I haven’t done this much but I did make one for a trip I was going on to Turkey. And then I never used it. Obviously that’s not how it’s meant to go but that’s life 😉wp-image-419587612.jpg
  7. Book lists. This has been my favourite so far! I am making mine a list of my favourtie books but a lot of people use it as a list of books to read in the future.


I will most likely write a new post when my skills have improved. For now, welcome to the world of bullet journals – its a fun world to find!

If you need some inspiration, here is a link I like.

Tell me about your favourite bullet journal ideas!

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