Holi Cow

Holi Cow

A few nights ago I went to a fascinating curry cooking course at Holi Cow. This well known restaurant in Johannesburg also offers takeaways and cooking classes and I can highly recommend them!


Our teacher, the owner, is well known chef Yudhika. She has done tv shows and plenty of media and you can find out more about her on her website. I find the Facebook page a lot more informative and they’re pretty active. She has written two recipe books and you get a signed copy of her second book, Curry Me Home Again, at the end of the course which is pretty cool.


We learned to make 6 wonderful Indian dishes:

  1. Traditional Lamb Curry – pg81 in Curry me home again
  2. Chicken Madras – pg69 in Curry me home again
  3. Prawn Curry
  4. Brinjal in Coconut Sauce – pg29 in Curry me home again
  5. Rotis – pg19 in Curry me home again
  6. Vanilla sponge cake with chocolate sauce


The most useful part of the course for me was finding out some of the reasons why I have never been able to make a successful curry! Here are the tops tips I learned from the course:

  1. Oil matters – It’s all about the sunflower oil. Olive oil is a total no no. Sunflower oil all the way!
  2. Brown the onions – but I mean really brown. I’ve been under-cooking them my whole life.
  3. Prepare yourself – Timing matters a lot with curries. While you may become an expert and work on look and feel after a while, preparation is key to start with. I highly recommend getting everything chopped and peeled and ready before you even turn on the heat. Just pretend to be on a cooking show and toss in all the perfectly organised ingredients.
  4. Red chilli is key – yup, add a lot. Chicken and fish don’t need as much as beef and lamb as the latter are heavier meats.
  5. Don’t par-boil potatoes – Another thing I’ve been doing wrong my whole life. Turns out you should par fry them. Mind blown!
  6. Wait for the oil to separate – you’ll understand when you read the recipes but it’s basically the point at which the meat is cooked enough to move onto the next step!
  7. Don’t add water too soon – Another thing I’v been doing wrong. Don’t rush to add water. Give your meats time to soak up all the spices and goodness before adding water.

Head over to Holi Cow as soon as you can for an incredible curry eating (and/or making) experience!

Let me know if you have any fabulous curry recipes you think I should try!

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